This layout has a pink background with this picture in the middle. On this picture, it has a little scrollbar which is where your text will go. XD It looks pretty good.


<body  background="">
body {


<table  height="605" cellspacing="0" cellpadding="0" width="805" background="" border="0">
<td  width="420"></td>
<td  valign="bottom"><br><br>
<div  style="border-right: white 0px solid;  padding-right: 0px;  border-top: white 0px solid;  padding-left: 0px;  padding-bottom: 0px;  overflow: auto;  border-left: black 0px solid;  width: 360px;  padding-top: 0px;  border-bottom: black 0px solid;  height: 135px;  ">
<center><b><font  color="#fffff">Title Test</font></b> <br><font  size="3"><font  color="#black"> Yourtextwillbehere.